The Titanic, Belfast.


Lying on the exact spot in the Harland and Wolff shipyards where the most famous ship in history was constructed, the incredible Titanic Belfast exhibition has recently been voted the world’s leading tourist attraction. I finally got to visit it this week, on the day marking the anniversary of her tragic end.

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Do All Freelancers Dream of Sisyphus? (Or am I mythtaken?)


 At no point in my long career of being called various things has anyone ever accused me of being highly cultured.

While I can spot the difference between cannelloni and a Canaletto, I can’t deny my entire knowledge of opera starts and ends with Bugs Bunny or that I thought, “Out, damned spot!” was Lady Macbeth shouting at her dog.

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The Second Best Networking Tip I Ever Heard. (And The Best)


I’m a writer and photographer.

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The Importance Of Editing. As Demonstrated By A Bloody Big Fish

Can’t remember why now, but this popped up on my news feed somewhere this morning.

Just when I thought I was safe (geddit?!) in the knowledge that I knew all there was to know about Jaws, this deleted scene I had no idea existed emerges out of the blue (nice!)

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Best book to movie adaptations

Never judger

I love me a good movie. I love me a good book. Combining the two can often be recipe for disaster, as the characters you’ve loved and pictured in your head while reading a favourite novel are twisted by filmmakers into unrecognisable approximations. (Robin Hood being played by Kevin Costner when everyone knows he looked exactly like Errol Flynn, for example.)

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